Roman slaves


The children have been pretending to be Roman slaves and acting out the jobs a slave would have to do. We have some wonderful actors in Blossom class.


Roman Shields


Blossom class started their Roman topic by creating shields yesterday. We went outside to be a Roman army and practised different defence formations. One of the formations is a called a turtle. We learnt that the Roman army was so strong because they were well equipped and highly trained, and operated in strict formations on the battlefield. As you can see we had lots of fun in our army. πŸ›‘


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Welcome back


Well done to Blossom class for arriving back today with a great learning attitude. We would also like to welcome Obi to the class, the other children are thrilled to have a new friend.

Today we are making a start on this terms topic ‘The Romans’. If any of the children have anything related to our topic that they would like to bring in to share with the class, they are more than welcome to do so. 😁

Story Mountains


This week Blossom class have been working on a story mountain to plan writing their own myth.

They have looked at Greek myths and legends to inspire them to create interesting monsters and heros for their own myths.

Creating a story mountain helps the children to write a setting, character description, plot and ending to their myths. They have to think carefully about what the problem will be for the characters and how they will resolve it.

I am looking forward to reading your finished myths.