Chocolate cornflake cakes – a yummy treat!!


As a treat and a culmination of our English learning journey (instruction writing), the children made chocolate cornflake cakes. They decorated them with a spooky Halloween twist; they were made into spiders!

As an example of instruction writing, the class studied recipes and wrote their own instructions on how to make chocolate cornflake cakes. It was a fun hook and incentive to their writing!


Local author inspires children


Ex Wroxall teacher, Mr Kieran Larwood, came into school on Tuesday to share his new book, ‘The Beasts of Grimheart’.

He gave a talk to the children about the book, including the characters, setting and plot. This was really useful for the class because one of their end of year writing objectives is ‘In narratives, creates settings, character and plot’. Good writers can draw upon ideas that they have read in books and that is why it is so important that children are exposed to a range of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and reference and textbooks.


Nutrition and food groups


In Science, the children have been learning about ‘Animals, including Humans’. Nutrition has formed part of this learning, including the seven food groups and the correct amount to eat. Working in small groups, they created different types of foods and had to match them to the correct food group. Then we discussed the correct amounts to eat (Carbohydrates 50%, Fats 30% and Protien 15%). We also discussed the importance of Vitamins, Minerals and Fibre. They were very surprised to learn that our bodies are around 60% water!!!


Maths update…


We have been working on Place Value and Addition.

The children have been using number lines to count on in ones, tens and two digit numbers (depending on abilities). Ask the about magic numbers! 🙂

Some children were adding near tens, which involved rounding up and then adjusting.

We then moved on the partitioning method to add.